Palm House

“Nature is one of the guests at Sefton Park’s Palm House”

There are beautiful photographs everywhere you point a lens at the grand and historic Palm House in Liverpool’s Sefton Park.

This special Grade II* listed glass building, which is looked after by a charitable trust, is the perfect indoor venue for spectacular wedding shots with its elegant architectural curves and rich array of living, breathing plant life providing the perfect backdrop for a wedding day photograph.

As if the choices inside weren’t enough, the grounds of Sefton Park surround the domed building so a short walk in almost any direction will take you to a different natural set-up which helps me to make sure your finished album is varied and eye catching on every page.

It’s hard to tell where the outside ends and the inside begins at Palm House where everything feels open and airy. The real prize with this is that natural light illuminates your special day – not only a dream for the bride and groom, but a dream for a wedding photographer too.

It falls over the entire wedding party and as it bursts through the rich array of beautiful plants and flowers, you find interesting shadows are cast which have brought drama and life to the shots I have taken here.

This picture of one of my bride’s elegant cakes is a good example. It looks pretty by itself but when you take a picture of it draped with a shadow cast by one of the Palm House’s exotic plants, it elevates it to another level altogether.

These shadows dance and change as day turns into evening, creating further opportunities for beautiful pictures.

There are not many wedding venues where, even when you are inside, you can hear real bird song as you move around taking pictures of the important moments in your bride and groom’s big day. Exotic plants and flowers help me to frame shots and whatever the weather, you don’t miss out on the feeling of being outside in a beautiful garden with the whole of nature celebrating your special day.