Why should you book me?

1. “More like a friend than a photographer!”

This lovely quote is something I’ve been lucky enough to hear many times from couples I’ve worked with. Couples often say that me photographing their wedding was more like having a friend or family member there rather than just someone there taking photos.

The photo to the right shows four couples, all of whom know each other, and all of who’s weddings I have shot! It’s a great compliment when someone you meet at another wedding asks you to photograph their wedding too.

2. The majority of my bookings come from referrals

Whenever we want to book or buy anything these days, the likelihood is we will read testimonials and reviews before we buy. And it’s the same with wedding photographers: most couples will do their research and ask other people who they would recommend before they decide who to book.

That’s why it makes me so happy that the majority of my bookings come from referrals. Knowing that my past couples have recommended me to their friends and family is such a lovely seal of approval, and it’s wonderful knowing that they were happy with my work.

3. We can work together to create showstopping photographs

Whatever style of wedding photography you’re looking for, I can help. I’m an award-winning creative photographer, and I love bringing wedding photography dreams to life! Whether you’re looking for romantic shots, fun and quirky images, drone wedding photography, or something timeless and classic, I can help.