Tips for the Best Smoke Bomb Wedding Photos

Smoke bombs are a fantastic way to add a vibrant, whimsical touch to your wedding photos. As a wedding photographer, I love getting creative using smoke bombs in my photography. If you’re getting married and think you’d like to incorporate smoke bombs into your wedding photos, I’ve put together the definitive guide to smoke bomb wedding photography with all you need to know…

Firstly, let’s take a look at the kind of wedding photos that really lend themselves to smoke bomb photography…

Couples Portraits

Couples portraits are often the images you’ll frame and hang on your wall. A special moment captured for just you and your partner. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun whilst you’re doing it, and a smoke bomb is perfect for injecting some unexpected colour and fun. 

Timing is everything when it comes to using smoke bombs for couples’ portraits. As a wedding photographer, I would also recommend waiting for moments when the couple is relaxed and comfortable. I find it’s best to use smoke bombs during the post-ceremony photo session when the couple can take a few minutes to themselves.

I encourage the couple to interact naturally, whether it’s holding hands, sharing a kiss, or laughing together. The key is to capture genuine emotions amidst the whimsical backdrop.

It’s good to consider the colours of the smoke bombs you’re using, as colours can really change the feel of the photo. Soft pastels can create a dreamy, romantic look, while bold colours can add a dramatic flair.


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Wedding Party

Smoke bombs can add a fun, dynamic element to wedding party photos. I tend to distribute smoke bombs to several members for an even spread of colour. I also encourage the group to move around and interact for lively, energetic shots.

Using the same colour smoke bomb for the entire wedding party can create a unified, striking effect. Alternatively, using different colours can add a playful, vibrant touch.

I like to get creative by incorporating movement and excitement by having the wedding party run, jump, or dance with the smoke bombs. These action shots can be some of the most memorable and joyful images from the day.

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Beautiful Backdrops

Smoke bombs look incredible against natural backdrops like forests, fields, or gardens. The contrast between the vivid smoke and the natural scenery can create stunning visual effects. As a wedding photographer, I tend to scout around the venue for areas with open spaces to allow the smoke to spread out beautifully.

It can also be great to use architectural elements like arches or bridges to frame the smoke bomb effects. The structure can add depth and interest to the photos, enhancing the overall composition.

Sunset and Golden Hour

Time of day can make a real difference to the effects of smoke bombs too. The soft, golden light during sunset or golden hour can enhance the colours of the smoke bombs, creating a magical, almost surreal atmosphere. I like to use smoke bombs during this time for truly breathtaking shots.

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Are Smoke Bombs Safe?

Smoke bombs are generally safe when used correctly, but it’s essential to follow safety precautions. Ensure that you purchase high-quality, non-toxic smoke bombs from reputable suppliers. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Maintain a safe distance between the smoke bomb and the couple or wedding party. This not only ensures safety but also allows the smoke to disperse evenly around them, creating a more natural look.

Smoke bombs are best used outdoors in well-ventilated areas to prevent any potential breathing discomfort. Avoid using them in enclosed spaces or near flammable materials.

It’s also worth checking that smoke bombs are allowed at your venue. As a wedding photographer I’ve worked with many venues around Cheshire, North Wales and Chester, so I may already be able to answer the question of whether they’re allowed at your venue: please just ask me 🙂

Do Smoke Bombs Stain?

Of course, this is an important question to ask if you’re planning on wearing a white dress! While most high-quality smoke bombs are designed to be non-staining, there is always a slight risk of colour transfer. I always advise the couple and wedding party to handle the smoke bombs by the base or holding stick to minimise contact with the coloured part.

You could always conduct a quick test before your wedding day with a sample smoke bomb and an old piece of cloth to check for any potential staining issues.

Are Smoke Bombs Eco-Friendly?

We’re all becoming more and more aware of our environmental impact, so it’s no surprise that more couples are asking this question. 

Not all smoke bombs are eco-friendly, so it’s essential to choose products that have minimal environmental impact. Look for smoke bombs that are labelled as biodegradable or made from environmentally friendly materials.

After using smoke bombs, ensure that you clean up any residue or debris left behind. Proper disposal of the used smoke bombs will help minimise environmental harm.

Smoke bomb wedding photography: how a professional wedding photographer can help

Smoke bomb wedding photos can add a magical, vibrant touch to any wedding album. I’ve been incorporating smoke bombs into my wedding photography for years now: I love using them to capture stunning, memorable images that the couple will cherish forever.

When using smoke bombs, a professional wedding photographer will prioritise safety, be able to choose the right moments and settings, and be mindful of the environment and your surroundings. With a little preparation and creativity, smoke bomb photos can be a highlight of your wedding album!

If you’re interested in smoke bomb wedding photography and would like to discuss ideas, I would love to chat! I’m a wedding photographer in Cheshire, North Wales and Chester, and I’m full of ideas for creative wedding photography. Get in touch today.