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The Lego wedding of Mr and Mrs Roberts!

With weddings being cancelled or postponed, lockdown life has been a little quiet. However, I’ve taken this time to have some fun, be a little bit creative and this Lego wedding was the end result!

I’m not able to shoot real people, at least for the next few weeks, but that’s where I got the idea to create a Lego wedding that I could photograph with the help of my hubby and kids. I didn’t want my social media channels to go stale because I wasn’t shooting weddings. To keep Facebook a positive place, I uploaded a video of the wedding and it had so many shares. I’m so glad that people enjoyed watching it as much as my family and I had fun making it.

The wedding involved a bride complete with white dress and red bouquet and a groom complete with top hat. It’s a small outdoor wedding but (I’m sure, in the Lego world) a beautiful one.


Lego wedding - bride and groom get married in an outdoor ceremony


After the wedding ceremony, the groom takes off his top hat to reveal a shock of long black hair! The couple exit the ceremony, where their guests cover them in confetti. I had my two boys throw the confetti while I took the pictures!

It was tough to get a photo of the groom throwing his hat around – I had Ollie (9) and Lewis (5) throw it, while I tried to get the perfect picture. Shooting Lego is almost harder than shooting real people as they’re so small and fiddly.

We put them in a glass of champagne (complete with a strawberry) and we even did a sunset photo shoot which I would aim to do at any weddings I photograph anyway. Then the wedding day finished with a first dance and a boogie on the dance floor.


Lego wedding couple sitting in a glass of prosecco


Lego bride and groom at sunset


It took us a long time to perfect this wedding but I’m so glad we persevered. Not only was it great to spend time together as a family, but it was nice to do something a bit different that we could all get involved in.

It even got picked up by Deeside news and the Leader! To view the full video, you can watch it on my homepage.


The Lego Honeymoon

The wedding was such a success that we endeavoured to make a Part 2 – the honeymoon!

The honeymoon has ‘Mr and Mrs Roberts’ getting on a plane, sunning themselves on the beach, and going sailing in the sea. These shots have such a different vibe to those of the wedding. I love the bright colours in the honeymoon video. We used paper umbrellas to make it look like parasols on the beach, and I filled the sink with water for their boat ride complete with dolphins.


Lego bride and groom boarding the plane


Bride and groom on their honeymoon on the beach


lego bride and groom in a cocktail


At the wedding, the bride and groom chilled out in a glass of champagne. Here, they’re enjoying a relaxing time in a cocktail complete with sparkler! Again, you can view the full video on my homepage.

I hope you enjoy watching these fun videos as much as I love making them. And if you want to keep up to date with what I’m creating, don’t forget to follow my Facebook page!



Wedding at the Tower in Mold, North Wales

North Wales has plenty of stunning wedding venues on offer and the countryside is what makes this location even more beautiful. Justine and Aaron chose to have their wedding at Tower in Mold in July 2019.


About Tower

Tower is a very unusual and beautiful venue that is perfect for weddings and other events. Located close to Chester, Tower is a Grade-I listed building nestled in its own parkland in Mold, North Wales. Despite being conveniently placed next to roads such as the A55 and the A494 for easy access, you still feel like you’re in the middle of the peaceful Welsh countryside. The building is hidden from the road and boasts stunning views of the grounds and the large pond. This makes the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding, just like the one of Justine and Aaron.

The property has been owned by the same family for 500 years so, if you want a venue with tonnes of history, this is the one for you. Tower was built to guard against any attacks from the English, but I’m sure anyone is most welcome in the venue today.


The Wedding of Justine and Aaron

Justine chose to get ready in one of the Tower’s many beautiful bedrooms. One of my favourite shots is this one, where we can see Justine looking at herself in the mirror the makeup artist is holding up. You can see the true character of the building, with it’s lead windows and beautiful shutters that fold into the wall.


Bride getting ready at Tower in North Wales


This building is also a dream to shoot in. The beautiful decor makes every photo look stunning, while I can get shots like the one below due to the way the rooms are laid out in the corridor. Bridal prep is one of my favourite aspects of the day, and these kinds of photos show why.


Bride getting ready and mum looking at her dress in the next room


Justine’s dress was a beautiful satin fit-to-flare dress from The Silk Loft that came right in at the waist and flowed out from above the knee to the floor, with an exceptional train to end.


Wedding dress from the Silk Loft hanging in the Tower


Bride walking down the aisle with her father


Justine and Aaron were praying for nice weather on the day of their wedding in July, as they’d planned a beautiful outdoor ceremony, complete with a flower arch to get married in front of and the beautiful pond as a backdrop. The rain is not always predictable but, despite being cloudy, it held off.

Justine wore minimal jewellery and kept her hairdo quite informal in a half up/down style. Her colour theme for the day was pastel pink and green, as you can see from her dad’s tie and pocket hanky and her flowers. The bridesmaids’ were pretty in pastel, as their dresses were a gorgeous pastel green/blue colour, almost like a light turquoise and these matched the groom’s tie and pocket hanky.


Bride and groom holding hands under a wedding arch


The rest of the groomsmen, like the father of the bride, wore pastel pink ties and light grey suits.


Groomsmen lined up in front of the pond at Tower


If we haven’t already determined this, Tower makes for an excellent photo backdrop. The opportunities here are almost endless, which is why it’s one of my favourite venues.


Bride and groom standing on a bridge over the pond at Tower, North Wales


Bride and groom walking at the front of Tower


Bride and groom in front of a stained glass window at Tower wedding venue


The cake matched the rest of Justine and Aaron’s colour scheme, incorporating both the pastel green and pinks from the rest of the day. The iced details on the flowers are unbelievable and it’s a simple but stunning design.


Wedding cake with pink flowers and green foliage icing


I love taking images of a venue throughout the day as it can change so much from morning to night. I snuck away from the wedding and captured these images of Tower at sunset, when the uplights and fairy lights are on and the pond is still. I just love the colour of that sky.


The Tower - venue in North Wales - at sunset


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re still looking for a North Wales wedding photographer to capture your big day.

What does the coronavirus mean for your wedding?

Weddings can be stressful enough to organise without having to worry about the coronavirus that is now affecting people in the UK.

Following the government’s announcement requesting that people don’t leave the house and to avoid gatherings of more than 2 people, I wanted to create this helpful, positive post about what this means for your wedding day. I want to put your mind at ease and show that, despite it being an awful situation, you shouldn’t let it form a black cloud over your head.

There is a plan of action that you can create to ensure that your day still goes ahead at a time and a place that is safe for you, your guests and your suppliers.


Do I need to postpone my wedding?


On the 23rd March, Boris Johnson announced that the UK would be going into a 3-week lockdown. This means that you can only leave the house to buy essential supplies, exercise once per day or go to work as a key worker. Gatherings of more than 2 people are not allowed.


This means that any weddings scheduled for the next 3 weeks won’t be going ahead.


During this time, it’s very important that you stay up to date with news from around the UK and keep in regular contact with your suppliers. It’s likely that many of your suppliers have got in touch with you already to say that they’re closing business temporarily.


If you can avoid postponing, then you should.


If your wedding is due to take place in a couple of month’s time, have a think about what actions you could take to protect your guests from contracting an illness. You could put mini hand sanitisers on the table as favours, or leave signs around the venue reminding guests to wash their hands frequently. Guests should also be reminded to avoid hugging, kissing or shaking hands when greeting people. For this reason, it may be best to forgo the reception line!

If you’re worried about certain elderly or unwell guests attending, the Church of England is looking into ways your guests can be a part of your day without physically being there. The service could be streamed on Skype or you could have it recorded and send a copy to guests that were unable to attend. Save them a piece of wedding cake, too, so they can experience some aspects of the day.


You should avoid cancelling the whole day


You will just lose any money you’ve spent on the day so far and it will only upset you further. Instead, by moving the date, you’ll have the wedding to look forward to in the future and you won’t lose your deposits. If you do want to cancel, the Church of England have announced that they will be refunding couples.

Finally, it’s very important to check your wedding insurance policy documents. This could outline that, in extreme circumstances, you may be able to claim the majority of your money back if the wedding doesn’t go ahead due to venue closure or illness of you or a close family member.

If you have to postpone because your wedding is happening in the next few weeks or just because you would prefer to, there are some things you should look into.


How to postpone your wedding


If you wish to postpone your big day, then there are some things you will need to think about. You can follow the steps below to ensure that you can still have the wedding of your dreams in a few months’ time.

First, you should find a date that your venue can do in the future. Try to avoid rescheduling for a short time in the future, such as 4 months, as it’s unknown how long this virus may be around for. You could book for the same date a couple of years in the future, or pick a date next Spring or Summer.

Then, contact all of your suppliers. This includes photographers, videographers, florists, cake makers, registrars, caterer, DJ, etc. The more notice they have, the better.

Call each of them individually to let them know the situation. It’s likely that they will be extremely understanding and more than happy to help you in any way they can.

If you’ve been able to rebook your venue in the future, let the suppliers know the new date and ask if they can do it. In most cases, suppliers know of other professionals that can help out. For instance, I would be able to supply brides with a list of wedding photographers that I have worked with in the past.

Once you’ve spoken to your suppliers, it’s time to speak to your guests. Where possible, you should phone them to fill them in. If you have a new date secured, let them know what it is and that new invitations will be going out in the future. If you don’t yet have a new wedding date, tell them that you’ll keep them in the loop and will announce it as soon as you know.


Try not to get too upset at the situation. As awful as it may seem, there are a lot of other couples in a similar situation. Wouldn’t you rather get married at a time when this situation isn’t hanging over your head? At a time when you wouldn’t be worrying about guests getting ill or being unable to make it? A wedding is about a love a couple share, and that love will still be there in a year or two’s time.

Remember why you’re getting married and that this celebration WILL go ahead. When it does, it will still be the day you’ve always dreamed of.