A beautiful Nunsmere Hall wedding

Following the excellent news that we should be back to some kind of normality from June onwards, I thought I’d share a beautiful wedding that was shot last October at Nunsmere Hall. The wedding of Holly and Katie managed to go ahead after being postponed from May 2020. During the times during lockdown, I’ve mainly kept myself busy doing family photoshoots, which I’ve adored. But I have to say, I was so excited to shoot another wedding, as they’re my passion.


The Wedding of Holly and Katie

Holly and Katie had already postponed their May wedding date, but come October, they’d decided that they wanted to try and go ahead with their small ceremony before the National lockdown kicked in in November. And I’m so glad they did! Despite the small numbers (just 13 guests), the wedding was truly beautiful and they were both so happy.

Holly got ready at Nunsmere Hall, booking both a hair and makeup artist for the occasion, along with her mum, her two bridesmaids and Katie’s niece, who made the most adorable flower girl!


Nunsmere Hall for the wedding of Holly and Katie


Holly the bride having her makeup done


The bride looking in the mirror while her flower girl gets dressed


The ceremony room was adorned beautifully, with blossom trees, LOVE letters and gorgeous pink chair covers. The chairs were all spaced out so that the 13 guests weren’t sitting too close to each other.


Nunsmere Hall ceremony room with LOVE letters lit up


Nunsmere Hall ceremony room for a Cheshire wedding


I love taking photos of the groom or bride as the bride walks down the aisle and I captured this shot of Katie as Holly entered the room.


The bride waiting for the bride coming down the aisle


Bride and bride kissing after their wedding ceremony


While I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to seeing guests in masks, the ceremony was still beautiful and personal. Both brides walk back up the aisle following the ceremony with huge smiles on their faces.


The brides walking up the aisle together at Nunsmere Hall


Following on from the ceremony, it was time for some fun wedding photos and these two were all up for smoke bombs!


The bride and bride using coloured smoke bombs for their wedding photos


Smoke bombs are so much fun and really make for some beautiful, colourful photographs, particularly when you have such gorgeous scenery behind you, as Nunsmere does.

The stunning sunset allowed us to get some gorgeous low-light photos too, with a beautiful orange glow. This is why I love autumn weddings so much. The orangery in the trees combined with the sun peeking through makes for a gorgeous photo.


Two brides on their wedding day in the forest


After photos, the couple were able to have a small wedding breakfast, complete with speeches, where the blossom trees were reused and helped to set a gorgeous backdrop.

Wedding breakfast at Nunsmere Hall with speeches


And finally, the evening was finished off with some stunning fireworks. I love this shot of Holly wearing Katie’s jacket, hugging as they watch the lights!


Fireworks at Nunsmere Hall for a gay wedding


I hope these photos make you as excited as I am for June, when large weddings can be held again and we can all laugh, drink and be merry!


A Small Last-Minute Lockdown Wedding

Every wedding is beautiful, no matter the style, setting or number of guests. But COVID has certainly made getting married harder. This doesn’t mean your wedding can’t be absolutely stunning and the perfect day you always imagined. In fact, Amy and Chris had their beautiful day….that was organised in just 4 days!


The Wedding of Amy and Chris

Amy and Chris were originally supposed to get married in April 2020, however this had to be postponed. They had no plans for when their wedding would be when it was postponed, but I’m sure as many people thought, that they assumed this would all blow over in a few months. Well, it gets to September and rather than the virus disappearing, it was coming back with a vengeance.

As restrictions were becoming tighter, it became clear to Amy and Chris that if they didn’t get married soon, it could be another few months or even longer before they could get married. So they took the plunge and decided to get married with 4 DAYS’ NOTICE as they could still do so with up to 30 people in attendance.

So they began replanning their small wedding on Wednesday 23rd September and on Sunday 27th September, they tied the knot!


Getting ready

Amy got ready at home and had a hairdresser to help out with the hair styling, but they decided they could all do their own makeup for the day. As you can see from the images, the girls had a blast getting ready and all gathered around mirrors in the conservatory.


Bride getting ready at home while hairdresser does her hair


The bridal party doing their own makeup at home


Wedding gown hanging from the staircase


Bridal party getting ready and doing their dresses up


I absolutely love the above photo of the bridesmaids having their dresses down up in a sort of train while Amy has final fixes done to her hair.

Luckily, as they were due to get married in April, Amy had already sorted details like her dress, so there was no panic shopping before the day!

Once everyone was dressed and ready to go, we had some time to get some fun shots outside. Amy was so chilled and, as you can see from the below photo, was having so much fun!


Bride and her mum laughing outside


The couple had managed to organise a vintage car for the day, and it picked up Amy and her entourage and whisked them off to the local church. The weather was perfect and meant that the car could have the roof down.


The bride in the back of the vintage car before getting married in Liverpool


St Stephen’s Parish Church, Hightown, Liverpool

The wedding was set at St Stephen’s Church, a small but beautiful building that was the perfect place to get married for Amy and Chris. Guests could space out within the church while all getting an excellent view of the ceremony (one of the perks of a small wedding). The couple wore masks to start with which they were allowed to take off during the ceremony.


Bride and her father walking down the aisle while wearing masks


Couple laughing at the alter while getting married

Husband and wife walking up the aisle after getting married


Bride and groom outside the church for a confetti shot


This couple were as happy as any other I’ve seen, despite the quick organising and the reduced numbers. I adore the confetti shot above which seems to light the couple up in the sunshine.


Bride and groom in the wedding car with some champagne


The Reception

Their reception was held next door at the village hall, the perfect setting for a small number of people.


Bride and groom laughing during the wedding speeches


The couple had some beautiful flower arrangements that just lit up the village hall. As you can see from the photo above, they’re surrounded by stunning bouquets. The speeches were hilarious and had Amy and Chris in stitches.


Couples outside the village hall


We did some beautiful, spaced-out couple photos as the sun was beginning to get lower.

The beauty of this location on the outskirts of Liverpool, near Formby, was its proximity to the beach. At sunset, we headed down there and the photographs came out absolutely beautiful! We couldn’t have planned such a beautiful photograph if we tried, and it shows that whether you plan a wedding in 4 days or 4 years, the day will be perfect.


Couple dancing on the beach at sunset on their wedding day


Simple buttercream wedding cake with real flowers


The cake was simple but beautiful, adorned with fresh flowers. Amy said that Amazon Prime was a lifesaver when planning a wedding in 4 days and that lots of her little extras came from here.

I hope this wedding day doesn’t put people off having a small wedding, and encourages you to do it anyway despite coronavirus. A virus cannot and will not destroy love and weddings will continue for years, centuries to come!

How to make a wedding photo album

Chances are you have a lot of wedding photos that you just don’t know what to do with. As a wedding photographer, I know that each wedding can result in at least 500 images, but this figure is probably nearer to 1,000. There are so many amazing photo opportunities and I’d hate to think that I missed a moment, so I try to capture everything.

I’ve previously discussed ways you can display your wedding photos in your home, but if you want to make a photo album, there are many ways of going about that too.

Below, you can find my top tips to create your very own wedding photo album.


How many photos do I need for a wedding album?

The number of photos will obviously depend on the size of the album, but also how many photos you need to show a full overview of the day and any interesting moments. You’ll likely want photos of everyone getting ready, arriving at the venue, the ceremony itself, the drinks reception, the wedding breakfast, the speeches and then the evening reception. I would advise that the minimum number of photos you should include is 50. You also don’t want to miss anyone important out of the album, so this should be enough photos to make sure that all the close family members and friends will feature someone in the album.


How to choose a wedding album

Now, albums can be created digitally using digital images instead of printing photos and slipping them into an album. You should have a think about which type of album you want. If the book can be created digitally, it’s easy to pick a company, such as Snapfish or Vistaprint, and use their online tool to create your album. This is excellent as you can choose the layout of each page, if you want more than one photo, as well as how you want them to look together.


A digital photobook that's been created online


You can even choose details such as the picture on the front cover and the text on the spine of the book. These are relatively cheap to make and you can have a really good quality album made for less than £30.

If you want to go for a classic photo album, you should arrange to have your chosen photos printed so they can be stuck into the book. There’s less flexibility with this choice, as each photo will be the same size and will have a specific slot to go into the album. But you still have some say over the order of the photos and can even personalise the book. You could go for classic formal photo album or make it fun by creating a scrapbook style album that also includes memorabilia from the day, such as an invitation, an order of service, a menu, some dried confetti, etc. The book can suit your personality.


How to choose the photos for a wedding album

As I said above, each wedding could easily result in 500 to 1,000 images, so how on earth do you pick the photos you want or like the best? I’ve previously written an article around choosing photos for your album, so head to that page to find out more. Tips include choosing the photos that you like of yourself and from different aspects of the day so you have a whole overview.


Wedding photo album laid out on a table


When choosing an image for the front cover of an album, you should find one that sums up the day the best for you. Can you remember how you were feeling in that moment, or does the photo make you smile? These kinds of images should be the ones that take centre stage.


How to add your photos

Adding the photos depends on the type of book you’ve chosen.

If you’re making a digital album, your photos can be uploaded to the site from your computer. Your photographer will likely have supplied you with a USB of photos, so you can take them off the USB and add them to the website you’re making the album through. Then, use the online tool to drag the photos into place on each page.

Some digital albums allow you to add text, so you could add little descriptions of what’s happening in each picture or who is in it.

If you’re making a physical album using printed photos, you can either stick or slot them into place, depending on the book. Photo albums that allow you to slide the photos into a plastic wallet are much easier than trying to peel back the sticky layer, put the photo in straight and stick it back down.

This photo album from Paperchase says that it will fit up to 300 images and that you should use 6×4 photos. See how the pages are plastic so the photos slot into place? This is very different to the self-adhesive albums that can be trickier and take longer to put together.