Hi, I’m Stacey

I’m a Prosecco-loving football-mad mum-of-two from Sealand with a passion for photography and the odd Caramac cocktail.
Naturally, my walls at home are plastered with pictures of my sons, Ollie and Lewis – my unrelenting models – but when I’m not lugging my cameras around, I’m out enjoying the North Wales countryside with my nearest and dearest. Llangollen is a particular favourite.
We love travelling to Gambia where my husband Peter and I tied the knot, and always make sure we have plenty of family adventures.
I have an amazing circle of friends who share my love of fizz and busting moves around Chester whenever the mood takes us.
But enough about that.

My background includes 20 years working as a press photographer covering everything from football matches to royal visits.
How many people can say they’ve spent hours chasing a cockatiel around someone’s living room trying to get a picture to accompany a story about his great escape?
Or that they’ve travelled to numerous places around the globe, to name a few trips one was with The Royal Welsh Fusiliers on exercise in Canada and a trip to Texas to see a young girl have major surgery to correct a curvature of the spine.

My move into wedding photography has proved no less eventful when an owl, hired as a ring bearer swooped towards a quivering best man with a bird phobia, causing him to topple backwards off his chair.
Of course, I was there poised to capture the comedic moment that quickly went viral and earned me several of my awards.
But while most weddings are without their animal-related mishaps, my attention to detail and eye for a picture never wavers.
I love getting to play a part in a couple’s special day, exploring new venues and constantly looking for imaginative ways to capture and immortalise unforgettable moments through my photography.
Catching that tear trickling down a groom’s face, the beaming pride of the mother of the bride and the true love between newlyweds is what it’s all about for me.
I’m a passionate perfectionist when it comes to my job.
A picture speaks a thousand words as the saying goes, so please feel free to take a look at my gallery and see for yourself.