My Wedding Photographer’s Bucket List

Something a little different for this blog post, but as it’s January – the season of resolutions!- I thought it was a good time to compile my very own bucket list: a list of everything I would love to achieve as a wedding photographer!

I’m not imagining that I’ll be able to tick everything off my list within a year (2024 is already looking pretty full!), but they’re dreams and ambitions that I would love to work towards! I think some of them are pretty achievable, whereas others probably fall more into the category of  “wedding photography fantasy’… but hey, you never know! It’s always good to dream big!

wedding photographer bucket list

So without further ado, here is my wedding photography bucket list:

  • A train wedding in the Rocky Mountains – imagine the incredible photography!
  • A New York City wedding – skyscrapers, yellow cabs, and shots in Central Park
  • A wedding in the snow (after all these years I’ve never had a white wedding!)
  • A funfair wedding
  • A wedding on a boat (my local Chester river, the Dee, would do!)
  • A wedding in Paris with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop – does it get anymore romantic?
  • A surprise wedding
  • A wedding at a castle – DONE
  • A tipi wedding – DONE
  • A wedding at Chester Zoo – yes, the zoo is now a wedding venue! Are any animal lovers up for this?!
  • An Elopement
  • A beach wedding
  • A treehouse wedding
  • A wedding in Greece

If you are planning a wedding and any of these themes or locations are involved, I would love to be involved! Give me a call today and chat about how we can make all our wedding photography dreams come true!

Also, I’m planning for this bucket list to be an ongoing work in progress: I’m always coming up with new ideas of things I would love to achieve with my wedding photography. So if you have an incredible idea for your wedding photography that’s not on the list, please do
get in touch – I’d love to hear what you have planned!