Ask a Wedding Photographer: Which Cheshire Wedding Venues Have a Lake?

As a wedding photographer, I always make an effort to keep up to date with the latest wedding trends, and I recently noticed that a trending search term on Google is “wedding venues with lakes”. It seems as if couples getting married are keen to find wedding venues where they can take advantage of having a scenic lake as a backdrop for their wedding photography.

This got me thinking about all the times I’ve had the pleasure of capturing stunning wedding shots with a lake as a backdrop, and I thought it might be helpful if I put together a list of Cheshire wedding venues which have lakes. If you’re getting married in Cheshire and looking for a wedding venue with a lake for your wedding photography, hopefully you’ll find this one helpful! Here are some of my top recommendations…

Some Cheshire Wedding Venues with a Lake


Delamere Manor

Delamere Manor in Cheshire is a luxurious wedding venue that boasts a beautiful six-acre lake. The manor’s elegant grounds and the stunning lake provide endless opportunities for breathtaking photos. The lake, with its charming bridge and lush surroundings, creates a romantic and serene atmosphere: a wedding photographer’s dream backdrop!


Colshaw Hall

Colshaw Hall, located in the heart of Cheshire, features a lovely lake set within its extensive grounds. The lake’s tranquil waters and picturesque setting make it an ideal spot for wedding photography. Couples can take advantage of the scenic views and the elegant backdrop of the hall itself for a variety of stunning shots.


Arley Hall and Gardens

Arley Hall and Gardens is renowned for its beautiful gardens, which include a charming lake. The historic hall and its picturesque lake provide a perfect blend of natural beauty and architectural elegance. The reflections in the lake, combined with the colourful gardens, create an enchanting setting for wedding photos.


Nunsmere Hall

Nunsmere Hall is a stunning country house surrounded by a 60-acre lake. This unique feature offers a peaceful and romantic setting for wedding photography. The lake, with its serene waters and lush greenery, provides a beautiful contrast to the hall’s classic architecture, making for truly captivating images.


The Mere Golf Resort and Spa

The Mere Golf Resort and Spa offers a picturesque lake as part of its extensive grounds. The serene lake and manicured gardens provide a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. The resort’s elegant ambiance and the natural beauty of the lake combine to create a perfect setting for capturing your special day.

Why Lakes Are a Great Feature for Wedding Photos

Now you’ve got some venues to choose from, let’s explore why lakes make such a fantastic addition to your wedding day photography:

Scenic Beauty
Lakes offer a natural, tranquil beauty that enhances any photograph. The reflective surface of the water can create stunning mirror images of the couple and the surrounding landscape, adding depth and interest to the photos.

Romantic Atmosphere
The serene environment around a lake exudes romance. It’s a perfect setting for intimate moments between the couple, such as a quiet walk along the shore or a kiss by the water’s edge.

Versatile Backdrop
A lake provides a versatile backdrop that I really appreciate as a wedding photographer. Whether it’s the couple alone, group shots with family and friends, or candid moments, the natural beauty of a lake enhances every image.

Seasonal Appeal
Lakes are stunning in every season. Spring and summer bring lush greenery and vibrant flowers, autumn offers rich, warm colours, and winter can create a magical, frosty scene.

Reflection Shots
One of the unique opportunities a lake offers is the ability to capture reflection shots. These can add an artistic element to your wedding photography, making them even more memorable.

Cheshire wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding venue with a lake in Cheshire not only adds a touch of natural beauty to your special day but also provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos. Lakes offer a serene and romantic atmosphere, versatile settings, and unique opportunities for reflection shots that will make your wedding photos truly unforgettable.

As a wedding photographer in Cheshire and North Wales, I highly recommend considering these Cheshire venues for your wedding. If you’d like to chat about your wedding photography ideas, I’m always happy to help! Please get in touch today.