Do satin wedding dresses photograph well?

Bride and groom standing on a bridge in a satin wedding dress

Your wedding dress will likely be the most special and important item you’ll ever buy, so you want it to be absolutely perfect. However, many brides seem worried about the prospect of a satin dress, thinking that it may look unflattering or come out too shiny in the photographs.

Well, I’m here to prove that your satin wedding dress will look beautiful in your photos. Below, I’ve identified some ways that you can make sure your dress comes out looking as beautiful in the photos as it does in real life. I hope you find them helpful and that you can find the perfect satin wedding dress for your big day!


Make sure it fits properly

As with any wedding dress, if it doesn’t fit properly, the photos will show this. And when it comes to a satin dress, sometimes it isn’t the dress that doesn’t photograph well, but the way it fits you. In order for your satin wedding dress to look amazing in your photos, it needs to fit like a glove.

You should ensure that you make any needed alterations to the dress. Even if you bought it in the size that’s right for you, it may still need altering slightly, as every body shape is different. For example, if you have a strapless dress, you need to make sure that you won’t be pulling it up all day and night.


Bride with a strapless satin dress standing with her bridesmaids


Choose the right accessories

Because satin has a natural sheen to it, it’s important that you use the right accessories to compliment the dress. Lots of glitz and blingy jewellery or shoes might not be the best option. Keep it simple with a delicate necklace and some simple satin shoes.


Ensure it’s the ‘right’ satin

As with any material, there are tons of options when it comes to satin. Some satin is shinier than others, and it comes in variations of white, off-white, ivory and cream and other colours besides.

Satin will photograph better when it’s not a pure white. Instead, soften the look with an off-white or ivory. It’ll still look really white in the photos, but without becoming too fluorescent and glaring.


Satin wedding dress hung up on a doorframe


Choose a good photographer

Finally, your photos will only be as good as your photographer. A well-experienced photographer will be able to capture the dress in the correct light and make the best, most professional edits to make you and your dress look their best. It’s so important that you make the right decision, as you’ll have your photos forever and you need to truly love them.

When looking at different suppliers, you could ask to see examples of when they’ve photographed a satin wedding dress to ensure it looks as you want it.


Satin is a beautiful fabric that adds a touch of luxury to any wedding dress and is suitable for use all year round. Don’t be put off buying satin because you believe it’ll look wrong in the photos. Any good wedding photographer will be able to work their magic and make the dress look incredible!