How to look good in your wedding photos

Bride and groom leaning against a pillar

Although it’s a given that you’ll look your most beautiful on your wedding day, the photos are the one thing that will last forever. This means you want them to come out looking perfect. So how do you make sure that you and your new husband or wife look amazing in all of them?

I’ve photographed many weddings across Cheshire and North Wales but not everyone is comfortable having their picture taken. I wanted to provide my specialist tips on how to look good in your wedding photos while being at ease.


How to look good in photos

First, it’s a good idea to start looking through some old photos that you like of yourself. Study them and try to work out why you like the way you look in them. Are you stood a certain way, or facing a certain way? Maybe you’re smiling naturally instead of forcing it. Once you’ve sussed the reason you like the photo, it’ll be easier to recreate the look on your big day.

Once you’ve figured this out, you should start practising in the mirror. You might feel pretty stupid doing this but it’s a good way of finding what works best! Instead of looking straight on, try smiling while tilting your head slightly. This sideways angle tends to be more flattering and adds depth to your face. Then try out different kinds of smiles. You could do a smile showing your teeth or keeping your mouth closed.

The right lighting always helps as well, but this is something you don’t have to worry about. As a wedding photographer, it’s my job to sort this out. Direct sunlight can sometimes be unflattering, as the light falls directly onto your face, causing harsh lines. If your wedding day is really sunny, the best time to get photos is in the evening. When the sun starts to set, it creates a really soft light that is just beautiful.


Bride and groom hugging outside in the sunset


I’ll be sure to find the best lighting on the day for you.

Stacey’s Pro Tips

  • Keep your eyes closed until just before the photo is taken to avoid blinking
  • Avoid a double chin by looking up slightly
  • Ask your makeup artist to avoid using whitening powder as this can show up if the camera flash is on


How to pose for wedding photos

Now that I’ve determined how you can find your best side and ensure you get the right photos, I want to run through how you can pose for your wedding photos.

The most important thing is to try and relax. If you’re feeling nervous about your photos, it will show in your body language. You should try and un-tense your shoulders, hold your head up and relax your arms.

Many people feel unsure about what to do with their arms in photographs. If you can, avoid keeping them too close to your torso, as this will make them look bigger than they are. Lift them away from your body ever so slightly to make them look as slim as possible. You could even try putting one arm on your hip, keeping your elbow tucked behind you. This will also accentuate your waist.

Many brides forget about what their legs are doing in photos, and why should you need to think about this? Your legs are covered by your dress, right? But what your legs are doing can impact the way you stand in your photos. Either keep one knee slightly bent so that you don’t look too stiff or cross your ankles to make your hips appear narrower.


Bride and groom photoshoot surrounded by greenery


It’s more flattering to have your body facing at a 45-degree angle instead of directly onto the camera, just like in the photo above.

Finally, stand up straight! You don’t want slumped shoulders in your photos.