The Lego wedding of Mr and Mrs Roberts!

Lego wedding couple sitting in a glass of prosecco

With weddings being cancelled or postponed, lockdown life has been a little quiet. However, I’ve taken this time to have some fun, be a little bit creative and this Lego wedding was the end result!

I’m not able to shoot real people, at least for the next few weeks, but that’s where I got the idea to create a Lego wedding that I could photograph with the help of my hubby and kids. I didn’t want my social media channels to go stale because I wasn’t shooting weddings. To keep Facebook a positive place, I uploaded a video of the wedding and it had so many shares. I’m so glad that people enjoyed watching it as much as my family and I had fun making it.

The wedding involved a bride complete with white dress and red bouquet and a groom complete with top hat. It’s a small outdoor wedding but (I’m sure, in the Lego world) a beautiful one.


Lego wedding - bride and groom get married in an outdoor ceremony


After the wedding ceremony, the groom takes off his top hat to reveal a shock of long black hair! The couple exit the ceremony, where their guests cover them in confetti. I had my two boys throw the confetti while I took the pictures!

It was tough to get a photo of the groom throwing his hat around – I had Ollie (9) and Lewis (5) throw it, while I tried to get the perfect picture. Shooting Lego is almost harder than shooting real people as they’re so small and fiddly.

We put them in a glass of champagne (complete with a strawberry) and we even did a sunset photo shoot which I would aim to do at any weddings I photograph anyway. Then the wedding day finished with a first dance and a boogie on the dance floor.


Lego wedding couple sitting in a glass of prosecco


Lego bride and groom at sunset


It took us a long time to perfect this wedding but I’m so glad we persevered. Not only was it great to spend time together as a family, but it was nice to do something a bit different that we could all get involved in.

It even got picked up by Deeside news and the Leader! To view the full video, you can watch it on my homepage.


The Lego Honeymoon

The wedding was such a success that we endeavoured to make a Part 2 – the honeymoon!

The honeymoon has ‘Mr and Mrs Roberts’ getting on a plane, sunning themselves on the beach, and going sailing in the sea. These shots have such a different vibe to those of the wedding. I love the bright colours in the honeymoon video. We used paper umbrellas to make it look like parasols on the beach, and I filled the sink with water for their boat ride complete with dolphins.


Lego bride and groom boarding the plane


Bride and groom on their honeymoon on the beach


lego bride and groom in a cocktail


At the wedding, the bride and groom chilled out in a glass of champagne. Here, they’re enjoying a relaxing time in a cocktail complete with sparkler! Again, you can view the full video on my homepage.

I hope you enjoy watching these fun videos as much as I love making them. And if you want to keep up to date with what I’m creating, don’t forget to follow my Facebook page!