Drone Wedding Photography: All You Need to Know

drone wedding photography

I bought a drone during lockdown last year as something to learn whilst I was stuck at home. It’s by far my new favourite purchase: it’s the best thing ever! I love using it and it’s brought a whole new dimension to my wedding photography.

Since then, I’ve used the drone to capture some outstanding aerial images for some of my couples, including weddings at venues such as Iscoyd Park, Cheshire, and Abbeywood Estate, Cheshire.

Drone wedding photography is getting more and more popular- it’s something I’m getting a lot of enquiries about. So I thought I’d put together a handy guide to drone wedding photography to answer any questions you might have…


What exactly is a drone?

A drone is simply an unmanned, image-capturing aircraft which can film and photograph from an aerial perspective, which is perfect for truly unique wedding photography!

Why are drones ideal for wedding photography?

Drones are perfect for wedding photography as they capture beautiful aerial images that show off elements such as the venue, or the bride’s dress, in a totally different way to standard wedding photography. They’re also brilliant for photographing a big group shot from above. Drone photos can look so spectacular as the aerial nature of the shots can truly capture the grandeur of a wedding venue and its surroundings.

What are the top moments to capture with drone photography?

I love to capture shots of the couple together in the grounds of the venue. I’ve been lucky to work in some beautiful venues around Cheshire and North Wales who’s grounds really lend themselves to drone wedding photography.

There are also other key moments that would be fabulous captured by drone, and your wedding photographer can help you plan for these and make sure you don’t miss the moment. For example, we could photograph the time between the ceremony and the reception whilst the guests are socialising outdoors. We could also capture some stand-out group shots with the whole wedding party outside the venue.

You can also see a real difference in some photos captured via drone vs a regular camera: the drone can capture more of the surroundings which just lends a little something ‘extra’ to a shot:

Is the weather a factor in drone wedding photography?

Yes. It’s worth noting that drones can’t fly in rain or high winds unfortunately. I will be able to advise you on the day whether the weather conditions are suitable.

Are drones noisy?

Drones do make a noise, so I wouldn’t recommend incorporating any drone photography during your vows or speeches! The noise comes from the fact that drones have high powered motors which turn the propellers to produce the uplift. We can ensure that your drone is grounded for any bits of your day where quiet is required. 

Are drone photographs good quality?

As with regular cameras, there is a range of quality when it comes to drones. However, many drones (such as the one I use) can capture high-quality photos. I would be happy to show you a selection of examples of my drone wedding photography so you can see the high quality of the shots.

Will I need to get permission from my venue to have a drone at my wedding?

You will need permission from your venue before we can fly the drone. If drone wedding photography is something you’re interested in, give yourself enough time to discuss this with the venue so they can put any necessary measures in place. If you need any support with this, I am always happy to help.

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Do drones work at every wedding venue?

Drones don’t work at every wedding- it really depends on the venue. Wedding venues with lots of outdoor space make the best venues for drones. If you would like some advice on whether your wedding venue is suitable for drone photography, I would be more than happy to help. If your venue is in Cheshire, Chester, or North Wales, there is a good chance I will have worked there before and will know it well and can advise! However even if your venue is further afield, I will happily do some research for you into whether drone wedding photography is an option for you.

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If you’d like to discuss drone wedding photography more, or have any other questions, please just get in touch. I’m a wedding photographer based in Cheshire, Chester and North Wales, but I also work further afield.