Why black and white wedding photography is a key trend for 2023

black and white wedding photography

I’ve been a wedding photographer in Cheshire and North Wales for around 24 years now (!), and in that time I’ve seen lots of new wedding trends emerge. As a wedding photographer it’s really important to me to keep up to date with the most recent trends, while also specialising in classic photography techniques too.

One particular trend I’ve seen emerging for 2023 is an emphasis on black and white wedding photography. While monochrome images are nothing new in themselves, in wedding photography they’ve always taken a bit of a back seat to colour images. However, for 2023 they’re set to take more of a centre stage.

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The rise of black and white wedding photography

Black and white wedding photos are always beautiful: they can be atmospheric, stylish, and artistic. It seems that recently, more couples are realising this, and I suspect it could be down to the fact that all of us are using our own filters more on social media platforms and we’re seeing how great black and white photos can look.

Here are some more of the reasons why black and white wedding photography is a key trend for 2023…

1. They stand out amongst colour photos

Even if you choose to have the majority of your wedding photos in colour, I would suggest choosing to include one or two black and white images in your album, as they really do stand out amongst the riot of colour that is your other images. There is something about a black and white wedding photo that really stands out, and I’ve found that these are often the images that my couples choose as their main ‘hero’ photo to have framed on their wall.

On that note- black and white images always look beautiful and stylish in a frame, and there will never be any colour clashes, which makes them ideal to display in your home.

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2. They capture the raw emotion of your wedding day

There’s often something very moving about black and white photography, and it can perfectly capture raw emotion. Without the distraction of colour you can often see details more clearly- a tear in the eye, or a proud smile. Black and white photography can often feel more ‘real’ and as if you are there in the moment. In fact, famous Canadian photographer Ted Grant once said, “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.”

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3. Black and white wedding photography is timeless

Of course, when photography began all photos were monochrome, but black and white is far from outdated. Instead, it is totally timeless. As a wedding photographer I’ve seen trends in dresses, hairstyles, and venue dressing change over time, but a black and white shot of a couple will always look classic. It will always be a stunning portrait to look back on and it will never age.

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4. Black and white photos are flattering!

This ties in with what I mentioned initially about how we’re all starting to realise how good photos look with a monochrome filter! Black and white photos really are flattering: everyone looks good in monochrome.

If your venue or church doesn’t have the best natural light, a black and white photo can be the perfect solution.

Bride and groom kissing while her veil blows in the wind

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