Wedding make up that photographs perfectly

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you. You’re also likely to be photographed all day! Not just by your wedding photographer, but by all your friends and family too. So of course, it’s normal for you to want to look your best on the big day, and your wedding makeup is part of this.

Most brides want their wedding makeup to be an elevated version of their usual look. But they also want their makeup to have staying power- it needs to look great all day. And on top of that, you will want your bridal makeup to photograph well too.

Camera flashes can transform makeup in unexpected (and often unwanted) ways. A knowledgeable wedding photographer will account for this, but the right choice of beauty products and skilled application of your wedding makeup can make the job far easier and give you peace of mind.

I’m a wedding photographer based in Cheshire and North Wales, and throughout my career I’ve worked alongside many fantastic make up artists and have picked up some great tips to share with you to ensure your wedding makeup photographs perfectly…

Bride having her make up down by a makeup artist wearing a mask

1) Pay close attention to detail

If you’re going to be photographed by a professional wedding photographer, it’s good to pay close attention to detail. You will need to be aware of symmetry: do both eyes match perfectly? Also be aware of blending and colour matching, as the camera will pick up different shades in your face and neck. Also be mindful that if highlighters are not applied properly, the camera picks them up even more.

Have your makeup done in the strongest, brightest-possible light and use a magnifying mirror to make checks. Remember that lighting can also change how your makeup can look on camera; don’t practice your makeup in the evening.

The bridal party doing their own makeup at home

2) It’s all about the base

A really important part of achieving bridal makeup that photographs well is getting your base right. Your foundation should be natural and not too heavy, otherwise it can look a bit plastic in wedding photographs. Your foundation should look like skin rather than looking cakey, so consider opting for a lightweight foundation which can be built gradually.

Your wedding makeup should not be too shiny or too matte. From a wedding photography point of view, if your base is too shiny it can appear greasy on camera, whereas if a base is too matte it can look a bit dull and flat. 

3) This is the one time we don’t recommend sunscreen!

We all know how important it is to wear sunscreen, but this is the one day we suggest you steer clear of using it on your face. Avoid any foundations with SPF in them, as if your wedding photographer uses a flash the SPF will make your face appear whiter than your body. This is because Zinc molecules in SPF reflect the light, causing skin to look white and ghostly in wedding photographs.


4) Emphasise your eyes

Defining your eyes correctly will lead to some beautiful wedding photographs!

When it comes to wedding make up, we suggest that your eye makeup may need to be a couple of shades darker than usual. Define your eyes using eyeliner, carefully-applied eyeshadow, and maybe some individual lashes to help your eyes stand out.

Wedding photographer North Wales

5) Make it last

Lastly, it’s important to ensure that your wedding make up has staying power! Setting powders are great for this, or you could try a fixing spray. Your setting powder shouldn’t sit in fine lines and should help to create the look of naturally perfect skin which lasts all day.

Holly the bride having her makeup done

I’ve been a wedding photographer for around 20 years now, photographing weddings in Cheshire, Chester, North Wales and beyond. Along the way, I’ve picked up lots of tips for helping brides to look their absolute best on their big day. If you’d like to chat to a professional wedding photographer about any questions you might have, get in touch today: I’m happy to help!