How long does it take to get wedding photos back?

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked as a wedding photographer is “when will I get my photographs back?” This is definitely not surprising: who isn’t super-excited to get their wedding photos back?!

So I thought it might be good to explain the process that takes place between your wedding day, and the day when you get your photos back, as well as giving you a rough idea of how long it might take…

What happens to my wedding photos after my big day?

This may come as a surprise, but at a wedding I will shoot literally thousands of photos. That’s a lot of photos! But remember, one photograph captures a tiny moment of the day and I pride myself on never missing those important moments.

So, the first thing I get to work on is cutting down that huge number of photos, otherwise my couples would need a VERY big album! I download and view all the photos, then initially I will get the number down to around 1000 shots. Once I’ve looked through all the pictures it can take another few days to decide which will make the final cut of around 600 photographs. This is often tricky as there are so many good shots!

Once I’ve chosen those 600, it’s time to start editing them (more of which shortly…)

Something else I do for my couples at this first stage is a “sneak peek” of some of their lovely photos! I do this within a couple of days of the wedding, and couples love to see some of their shots while they’re still high on excitement for their big day. These “sneak peek” shots are also ideal for sharing on social media if you wish.

Soughton Hall North Wales Wedding Photographer

What’s involved in editing my wedding photos?

Editing is a long, detailed process. As a wedding photographer, I’m passionate about delivering couples with stunning memories of their day, so I never rush the editing process: for me, it’s just as important as capturing the image in the first place! I believe that editing photographs is a creative process that brings out the very best of the images taken.

Here’s a little overview of the process your wedding photos will go through with me…

This means removing any exit signs, or the odd empty wine glass that’s been left lying around! Sometimes you’ll spot tree branches coming out of people’s heads! You’d be surprised at how removing these little bits and bobs really improves the image.

When it comes to editing colour, each image can need something different. For example, shots taken inside churches can be quite ‘yellow’ in tone, and because of this the images can look a bit washed out. In this instance, I will take time to reduce the yellow tones.
I also take a lot of time deciding whether a photo should be a colour image or black and white, and this can make a real difference!

Sometimes I look at images with lots of background space and realise that they could actually make a fantastic close-up shot, so cropping comes in handy! Cropping can really help get the composition right in an image.

Saving your gallery
Once all the photographs are edited I put them into a digital gallery for you to see. However, each photograph is a big file so this process takes hours!

So… exactly how long will it take to get my wedding photos back?

There isn’t an exact answer on this, but as a ballpark, it can be anywhere from 4 – 10 weeks.
The exact time frame depends on quite a few factors. For example, if your wedding takes place during the height of the season when I am shooting back to back weddings, it can take longer than if you get married at a quieter time of year.

If you have any other questions about how long it takes to get wedding photos back, or what is involved in the editing process, I would be more than happy to chat! I’m a wedding photographer based in Cheshire, North Wales and Chester: please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to discuss your upcoming wedding.