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Bride and groom hugging each other on their wedding day

How to ask guests not to take photos at your wedding

In a time of mobile phones, social media and the internet, it takes mere seconds to publish something online. Around 300,000,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook every day, as well as over 300 hours of video to YouTube PER MINUTE. This is a lot…

Wedding at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel, North Wales

North Wales is my home, and so I love photographing venues all over this area. Last March, I shot a wedding at the beautiful Grosvenor Hotel and Spa, based in Pulford.   About the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa Situated in North Wales…
Pink wedding album open on the table

How to choose photos for your wedding album

If you've decided to book a professional wedding photographer for your wedding day, you'll likely want to flaunt the finished images anywhere you can: in your home, on your Facebook page, as your background on your work computer. But there are…
Bride and groom leaning against a pillar

How to look good in your wedding photos

Although it's a given that you'll look your most beautiful on your wedding day, the photos are the one thing that will last forever. This means you want them to come out looking perfect. So how do you make sure that you and your new husband…
Soughton Hall wedding venue in Mold, North Wales, photographed by Stacey Oliver Photography

Wedding at Soughton Hall, Mold, North Wales

I came to Soughton Hall to photograph the beautiful wedding of Phil and Aleisha and it's a place that I've fallen in love with. Based in Mold, North Wales, the stunning Georgian building is surrounded by acres of Welsh countryside and is full…
Bride and groom standing on a bridge in a satin wedding dress

Do satin wedding dresses photograph well?

Your wedding dress will likely be the most special and important item you'll ever buy, so you want it to be absolutely perfect. However, many brides seem worried about the prospect of a satin dress, thinking that it may look unflattering or…
photographer taking a picture at a wedding

What questions should you ask your wedding photographer?

As you plan your wedding, it's likely that you'll get to know each of your professionals very well. Hair and makeup trials take time, so you'll probably spend a couple of hours speaking to your hairdresser and makeup tech. You'll usually have…
hashtag symbol on a table surrounded by food

How to create a hashtag for wedding photos

Custom wedding hashtags have become all the rage in the last few years. Your wedding photographs can take a long time to be edited and delivered back to you, and you may want to look at some non-professional photos of the day to remind you…