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When it comes to weddings, couples and wedding suppliers seem to be getting more and more creative: couples are keen to make their day stand out and be as fun and eye-catching as possible, and wedding suppliers are always thinking of ways to improve their services and make every couple’s day extra special.

With this in mind, it’s probably no surprise that the couples I speak to are keen to try more new and creative ideas when it comes to their wedding photography. Luckily, this is always music to my ears as I pride myself on being a creative wedding photographer and I love coming up with new ideas for truly stand out wedding photography. In fact, I recently won an award for Creative Wedding Photographer of the Year!

Something I’ve been doing for a while with my photography is making clever use of props. For a long time, I’ve loved incorporating fun elements such as a smoke bombs and flares into wedding photography, and I’ve noticed recently that this technique is becoming more and more popular. There are even lots of Google searches now for ‘wedding photos with smoke bombs’ and ‘wedding photos with flares’. Hey, Google, over here! I’m an expert in this type of creative wedding photography!

There are also lots of other types of props you can incorporate, some of which you might not have thought of. Here are some of my favourite ways to use props in your wedding photography

Wedding Photos with Umbrellas

As soon as people hear the word umbrella, their thoughts naturally turn to dreaded RAIN, and who wants to think about rain on their wedding day?! But fear not- featuring umbrellas in wedding photography is actually becoming really popular and there’s a reason why: they can look fabulous in photos!

Working as a wedding photographer in North Wales and Cheshire has taught me that sunshine is never guaranteed! However, rainy wedding days have provided the backdrop to some of my favourite wedding photographs, and it’s a good idea to have umbrellas on hand as the perfect prop for those outdoor shots.

For example, I recently shot a wedding at one of my favourite venues in North Wales, Tyn Dwr Hall. Emma and Matthew’s wedding took place on 11th March 2022, which seemed to be the perfect Spring wedding date. However, as anyone who lives in North Wales knows, the weather can’t always be relied upon, and it rained for most of the day! However, Emma and Matthew just embraced the weather, which made for some beautiful photographs.

Wedding Photography North Wales

Wedding Photographer North Wales Chester

Award winning wedding photographer
Whatever the weather, you can capture some amazing outdoor wedding photography, and wedding photos with umbrellas always look whimsical and pretty. My advice to couples is always just to embrace the weather whatever happens and take the opportunity to work with your wedding photographer to create some unique images.

Wedding Photos with Smoke Bombs and Flares

As previously mentioned, creating wedding photos with smoke bombs and flares has become a bit of a tradition for me, and these type of shots feature a lot in my work. I absolutely love the fun and drama of these shots: they always look so eye-catching, plus they’re a totally unexpected addition as you flick through your wedding album. Wedding photos with flares and smoke bombs

have got ‘profile pic’ written all over them!

Nunsmere Hall gay wedding

Smoke bombs and flares are an ideal way to inject some fun into a couple’s portrait. Wedding photos of you and your partner capture a special moment of your day, but they don’t always have to be serious. Adding a colourful smoke bomb or flare can really enhance the moment.

Choosing the right time of day can also play an important part in capturing show-stopping wedding photos with smoke bombs or flares. That’ golden hour’ just before night falls is a perfect time to shoot smoke bomb portraits as the colour of the smoke really pops in the natural light and the results are striking and romantic.

Your surroundings can be your prop!

As a wedding photographer, I always like to familiarise myself with my surroundings shortly before I start shooting. This is a great opportunity to spot ‘props’ that naturally present themselves in and around the venue, which can make for some great wedding photography.

For example, I love this natural-looking shot of a bridal dress photographed outside in the grounds of a venue.

I’ve also captured some lovely images using the mirrors in the bridal suite as a ‘prop’, and of brides standing near the window overlooking the dramatic backdrop of their venue outside. As a wedding photographer, it’s important to notice every opportunity to capture beautiful wedding photography, and I’ve found that most venues offer their own ‘props’ in abundance!

Wedding photographer North Wales
Chateau Rhianfa Wedding Photographer
Iscoyd Park Wedding Photographer

Other quirky props…

I’m never afraid to think outside the box when it comes to creating wedding photography that is a little bit different, and I love bringing in unusual elements as props.

One of my favourites that comes to mind is this photo of Erin and Sam, along with their wedding party, posing on a tractor outside their venue. Perhaps not the kind of vehicle you’d usually associate with a wedding, but this is why the tractor worked so well: I love how unexpected it is and the element of fun it brings to that photo.

Wedding photographer North Wales

Wedding Photographer Chester

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who can bring an element of fun and creativity to your wedding day, I would love to chat to you. And if you have any questions about using props such as smoke bombs or flares I am very well versed in this topic and am always happy to help! I’m a wedding photographer based in North Wales, Chester, and Cheshire, but I can also travel further afield. Please get in touch if you’d like any more information.


I’m sure you’ll all have experienced the family group photos at a wedding. Whether you attended the wedding as a guest or were an important member of the wedding party, most couples want some kind of formal shots of the bride and groom with their respective families. After all, these photos will be with you for life and they are a wonderful thing to have of the day.

Some brides don’t want many formal shots and prefer to have the natural ones of people laughing, chatting and drinking, whereas other couples may want lots of group shots all featuring various people who are important to them. One thing is true – these kind of formal shots can be difficult to organise and choreograph on the day. This is why it’s important to think about the groups of people you want photographed together well in advance instead of winging it on the day.  Do let your wedding photographer know in advance too and check out my helpful guide on how to keep your wedding guests entertained during the photos!


Parent family photos

  • Bride and groom and bride’s parents
  • Bride and groom and groom’s parents
  • Bride and her parents
  • Groom and his parents
  • Bride and groom with both parents
  • Bride and her mum
  • Bride and her dad
  • Groom and his mum
  • Groom and his dad


Grandparent family photos

  • Bride and groom and bride’s grandparents
  • Bride and groom and groom’s grandparents
  • Bride and her grandparents
  • Groom and his grandparents
  • Bride and groom with all the grandparents
  • Bride and her grandma
  • Bride and her grandad
  • Groom and his grandma
  • Groom and his grandad
  • Bride and groom and bride’s parents and grandparents
  • Bride and groom and groom’s parents and grandparents
  • Bride and her mum and her grandma
  • Bride and her dad and her grandad
  • Groom and his mum and his grandma
  • Groom and his dad and his grandad


Sibling wedding photos

  • Bride and groom and bride’s siblings
  • Bride and groom and groom’s siblings
  • Bride and her sister(s)
  • Bride and her brother(s)
  • Bride and all her siblings
  • Groom and his sister(s)
  • Groom and his brother(s)
  • Groom and all his siblings
  • Bride and her mum and sister(s)
  • Groom and his dad and brother(s)
  • Bride and groom and their parents/siblings together


Formal family photo at Dave and Lindsey's wedding on the Wirral

Lindsey and Dave decided to have quite a few family photos at their Thornton Manor wedding

Big group photo at Thornton Manor


Sometimes, it’s also beneficial to have a think about where you’d like the photographer to take the formal shots (indoors, outdoors, etc.) and where the photographer could stand to get a good shot. For the image above, I photographed from inside Thornton Manor on the second floor to make sure I could get everybody in.


It’s less traditional for couples to wait to have children until after marriage and so many brides and grooms have children that they obviously want to be involved in the day. They’re usually flowergirls or pageboys but having some lovely photos with your children is important.

  • Bride and groom and their children
  • Bride and groom, children and the bride’s parents
  • Bride and groom, children and the groom’s parents
  • Bride and groom, children and both sets of parents


Bridesmaids and Groomsmen family photos

  • Bride and groom and the bridesmaids
  • Bride and her bridesmaids
  • Bride and her maid of honour
  • Groom and the groomsmen
  • Groom and his best man
  • Bride and groom with the best man and maid of honour
  • Bride and groom with the groomsmen and the bridesmaids
  • Bride and the flower girls
  • Groom and the pageboys
  • Bride and groom with the flower girls and pageboys
  • Bride and the bridesmaids and the flower girls
  • Groom and the groomsmen and the pageboys


Bridesmaids having formal wedding photos with the bride


I love this ‘pretty-in-pink’ photo of the bride, Aleisha, with her bridesmaids and the cutest little flowergirls at Soughton Hall.


The grooms party with the groom for formal photos


Then Aleisha’s groom, Phil, had some photos with the groomsmen.


Larger group photos

  • Close family, including parents, grandparents, siblings, aunties, uncles and cousins
  • Friends, such as school friends, university friends, etc.
  • All the wedding guests

Any wedding photographer who has lots of experience shooting weddings will be able to give you plenty of advice around which family photos you can have. On the day, they will do all the organising and will tell people where to stand so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

I was gutted when the coronavirus came along and postponed most of my weddings for 2020 – gutted for the brides and grooms, but also because it’s what I do and I love it so much.

However, I wasn’t going to let it stop me from doing projects on the side. My lego wedding was very popular on social media and even got some local newspaper coverage, but I wanted to do something more, and actually continue to photograph people and families.

This is where I created doorstep photo shoots. I advertised the opportunity on my Facebook page and asked if anyone would be interested in paying to have a family photo shoot in their front garden! This enabled me to get some great photos while still social distancing. In my post, I said that some of the money would go to the Heart Foundation charity and that anyone within 20 minutes of my home, Sealand in North Wales, should get in touch to take part.

Since then, I’ve been inundated with requests from families wanting to have a mini photo shoot on their doorstep. It’s kept me busy and I’ve really enjoyed continuing my passion of photography while I can’t photograph weddings. I also like to think it’s something fun for the family to do as well, during the boredom of lockdown.


My first family was Jo, Paul and Eva. They were due to move house any day at the time, and so wanted some final family photos of their time there!

Family photo shoot on the doorstep - Jo, Paul and Eva


Eva on the doorstep pulling her tongue out


From there, it escalated and I got to shoot so many different families.


Family outside their North Wales home for doorstep photo shoot


Family of 4 outside of their North Wales home


Little oy sitting amongst the flowers outside in Wales


This family hadn’t seen each other since lockdown and measured out a 2 metre difference so they could all see each other!


Family standing 2 metres apart during lockdown


This next family I’ve known for some time. When their first born, Grace, came into the world, they booked me to do a newborn photo shoot. Then, a year later, I did their pre wedding photo shoot followed by their wedding a few weeks later!

They now have their son, Ewan, and wanted me to take some doorstep photos. This family have supported me so much and it was fab to get some pictures of them together.


Collage of family doorstep photos


I’ve even documented lockdown birthdays from the doorstep!


Lockdown birthday with a bouncy castle


I’m still doing doorstep shoots so if you fancy one with your family and you’re based in North Wales, get in touch! It’s £30 and £5 goes to the Heart Foundation charity.